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JUMBO Reverse Mortgage Introduction

The two most popular types of reverse mortgages today are the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), and Jumbo or Proprietary Reverse Mortgage. 

Jumbo reverse mortgages are proprietary loans, meaning they do not need to adhere to Department of Housing and Urban Development program rules. Another major difference is the jumbo’s lack of a mortgage insurance premium, a cost that applies to all HECM loans.

Jumbo reverse mortgages are designed for homeowners of higher-valued properties that exceed the federal lending limit, helping them access a larger portion of their home’s value. A jumbo reverse mortgage will consider home values up to $10 million.


Similar to traditional loans, jumbo reverse mortgages differ in specific areas. One of the most notable is that many jumbo reverse loans offer loan amounts as high as $4 million. In addition, property values are considered up to $10 million with some lenders. Another is that these private mortgages do not charge the significant FHA mortgage insurance premiums that are required on the traditional Home Equity Conversion Mortgage- one of the traditional reverse mortgage’s most significant closing costs and ongoing charges.

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